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November 25, 2014

Italian radio station Pit of the Damned has been playing some of our tracks and posted a review of our EP recently. Thank you for the kind words! Read the full review below (translated from Italian). Remember you can get our EP from our store on this website if you haven't already! Otherwise, come down to sunny Southampton this Saturday 29th where we'll be joining Core of IO and Mother of Pearl for a rocking evening at the Firehouse - we'll have plenty of shirts for you to get your hands on as well!


"Jackknife Seizure are an interesting quartet that arrived on the London scene in 2010 and gained fame amongst metalheads after winning the latest “London Metal 2 The Masses” competition and playing Bloodstock Festival the next summer. “Time Of The Trilobites” is their debut EP and offers 4 perfectly recorded tracks – the audio quality is really extraordinary for an EP – inspired by the best rock/metal of the 90s (above all Soundgarden, both in song structure and in the arrangements, but also some of the very early Pantera like “Cowboys from Hell”), mixed with upbeat and decidedly more modern metal. Echoes of Alice in Chains are evident in the first minute of “Wanker (Means You’re a Cunt)” and there’s also a bit of the more recent Mastodon in the unusual pace of “Mechanical Mosquito” (but not necessarily in the sound, which is clear and defined). The riffs are sharp and precise, accompanied by a rhythmic section that is never over the top – don’t expect brutal phrasings and fulminating blast beats: Jackknife Seizure favour melody rather than harshness, and the metal parts are extremely measured (there are some cavalcades of double-bass, a couple of interesting accelerations and more in the sounds, distortions and equalisations). On top of all this come Gerry’s clean, powerful vocals, with melodies that are clearly inspired by Chris Cornell. All in all a well-produced EP that only lasts 25 minutes but runs smoothly. Worth listening to if you are nostalgic for the beautiful rock/metal from twenty years ago, and if you are not too into the brutality of death metal or the dirty sounds of sludge. It will be interesting to hear what Jackknife Seizure come up with for their official first full-length. (Stefano Torregrossa)"


Direct link: http://thepitofthedamned.blogspot.it/2014/11/jackknife-seizure-time-of-trilobites.html

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