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April 18, 2017

COMPETITION TIME! We have a little challenge for you... All you super dedicated fans will have heard there are Morse codes running through 'Starfisher' and 'Tappy Tapperson' on our album. But the question is... what do they say? What does it all MEAN?! If you think you can figure it out, get cracking! Post or message us the answer & like/share/spread the word! We have a Big Bundle of Everything for the first person to give us the right answer: a Jackknife tote with signed CD, the very last physical copy of 'Time of the Trilobites', a Starfisher shirt, beanie, stickers, a pair of Sylvy's drumsticks, Jackknife picks, a free pint at our next gig, special status as Seizure Genius and anything else we can think of**! Hint: the answer is not 42.

* divide by 1,000
** we may not be able to think of anything else

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