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"[Starfisher is] a really brilliantly put together and well recorded EP...

a convulsively fantastic piece of work by Jackknife Seizure." (

"An idiosyncratic mix of technical old school thrash, reminiscent of Forbidden on the one hand and Melvins-like metal on the other. Other songs are more of a nod to heavy Soundgarden and Tool, with more of a grunge feel.

It's a record full of 90s metal and rock with quirky characteristics." ( [Dutch])

"The listener is hit by a bludgeoning wall of sound that is at once proggy and grungy and really quite powerful [...]

Jackknife Seizure are most assuredly more than simply the sum of their parts." (

"Hailing from London, progressive metallers Jackknife Seizure perform dynamic riffs, pounding drums

and melodic hooks creating an incredible live musical experience. Taking the twiddliness of prog and the grooves

of hard rock they produced a great mix of classic heavy rock with just enough noodling to keep it interesting." (

"This young London band [...] loves the power and heaviness from traditional metal

but fuses it with a modern progressive approach from bands like Mastodon and Tool." (


"Imagine Soundgarden downing too many red bulls

and unleashing a prog manifesto with twisting guitars and throbbing bass."  (


"We were absolutely blown away by Jackknife Seizure. They were really, really good." (DJ Squatter on air @ TBFM Online)


"Musically, there's definitely some grungy influences blended with some Tool-like progressions,

by way of early-Coheed & Cambria. Intrigued? You should be....!"  (

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