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North London's Jackknife Seizure has been steadily honing their musical craft over the years, fusing power and melody into their self-styled progressive grunge metal – with some listeners describing the music as “the love-child of Mastodon and The Doors.” After being crowned winners of the London Metal 2 the Masses competition in 2014, the band went on to play Bloodstock Open Air and subsequently released their debut EP, ‘Time of the Trilobites’. 

2017 saw the release of 'Starfisher': an epic 5-track mini-album which places the everyday struggles for humanity of our world in the context of a vast, supernatural universe – through the usual quirky Jackknife Seizure lens. Both releases are available online via the band's Bandcamp store and all the usual channels. This year, Jackknife Seizure enters a new chapter as a three-piece and has already started work on their first full-length album. So be prepared... a seizure is coming.

"Warning! Hyper-ventilating may occur!  [Starfisher is] a really brilliantly put together and well recorded EP... a convulsively fantastic piece of work by Jackknife Seizure." (WorshipMetal.com)

Mit - Guitar     //     Sylvy - Drums     //     Dave - Bass

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